About Naturgenix

Naturgenix was born in October 2019. Primarily focused on handmade artisan soap bars. Handmade in Oxfordshire.

We launched with our Halloween and Autumn collections and have since introduced our essential oil range and much more.

Our handmade artisan soap bars are made with natural, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients with no preservatives. They are vegan and cruelty free. No harmful chemicals are used at all.

We have a range of essential oil soap bars that will be available as our constant core products. And we release seasonal soaps throughout the year, made with synthetically made fragrance oils. These soaps are only available for a limited time, at a limited amount. However, some of our most popular ones will make frequent appearances, such as; our Clean 'n' Fresh soap.

All our soaps are wrapped in brown recyclable packing paper and recyclable labels designed by us, for peace of mind on the environment. No plastics are used in our packaging whatsoever!

I first became passionate about using soap bars because I was overwhelmed by the amount of plastic we throw away daily, and the affect it has on our environment and our oceans! It is shocking!

So, i started making some changes, starting with our bath products!A soap bar contains no plastic waste providing its supplied in a much better recyclable packaging. Another reason is because i have suffered with eczema all my life, and over time have developed psoriasis, so i wanted to switch my products to more natural, organic ones. But then i was faced with products that claimed they contained natural ingredients, but i could not understand the labels!

I wanted to know exactly what was in my bath and body products and to use products that are good for my skin, so i decided to make my own!

This is where i researched everything i could possibly find out! What were the best ingredients to use in my soap? What benefits would these ingredients give to my skin? How much is enough to get the maximum benefits for my skin? 

And so, my unique soap formula was created! There is a lot of brain work that goes into this procedure. Tricky calculations and exact measurements. Lengthy safety assessments to ensure my products are safe to use. And scientific reactions called 'saponification' that turns oils and fats into soap!

I hope you enjoyed reading our story and that this has encouraged you to try one of our products with peace of mind that i have created a product that has amazing skin nourishing properties, that are natural, eco-friendly and plastic free!!