The Naturgenix Soap Making Process

The Start - We take the planning process very seriously at Naturgenix ensuring our customers get the best out of their products. Planning is where we create the perfect combination of fragrances in our minds by doing the research, working out which oils and their benefits compliment each other and experimentation of those combinations. But we don't just plan the fragrances, we plan the product itself. How will we decorate it? Will we add colour or botanicals? 

The Middle - This is where the fun happens!! Once the planning is complete, the creation of the product begins. We use only natural, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients in our products. We carefully and accurately measure out all the ingredients we need, ensuring we follow the safety guidelines when handling these products. We then blend all those ingredients until we reach the correct consistency. Now its time to take the mixture to the moulds and decorate it as planned. The batches must be left in the moulds for 12-18 hours, to harden. Once set, we take them out of the moulds, and using a variety of cutters, cut them into 140g bars and samples. These bars will then be chamfered, planed and stamped and left to cure for 2-4 weeks. Once cured, we take one soap from each batch to test ourselves. This helps us to ensure our products are at the best quality!

The End - Once the product has been thoroughly planned, carefully created and cured, it is ready for sale! We use brown recyclable packing paper to wrap each individual bar/sample in. This ensures they are secure and also keeps in the scent. We want to make sure when you open your beautiful handmade, natural, organic soap, you are presented with a satisfying aroma and a stunning product! We then wrap our labels around it, designed by us, they contain a full ingredients list and a scent description.