Salt Sizzler Starter Kit

Salt Sizzler Starter Kit

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Our salt sizzler starter kit comes with a burner, 4 pots of salt sizzlers (chosen at random) and 4 tealights to get you started.

Salt Sizzlers are becoming more and more popular so I thought I’d create a starter kit to welcome you to the world of sizzling salts.

We only have burners in grey and white.


A bit about our salt sizzlers:

They are fragrance infused salts that are used as an alternative to wax melts.

Made using Pink Himalayan Salt, which is known for its energy boosting properties, improving your mood and purifying the air around you. Plus they are more eco friendly.

Burn them whilst your working from home to get you through the day, in the bathroom whilst you soak in the tub after a long day or maybe you’re a uni student that needs a relaxing atmosphere whilst you study.

Perfect for a quick and clean burst of fragrance. Great for those who like to change scent more frequently or have an unexpected visitor.

Each burn will last approximately 4 hours and when they’re done you can just tip them in the bin. And what’s more.. they’ll make your bin smell great!! A 2-in-1 products!! And no mess!! If you spill them you can just hoover them up!!

Direction of use: place a teaspoon of salts in your oil burner, light a tealight underneath and away you go. No water needed and the salts will not melt.

Harmful if swallowed. Do not consume. Toxic to aquatic life. Dispose of in compost bin. Keep out of reach of children. Not edible salts. Do not use in the bath.

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