Was so eager to use the face scrubbies, as being perfectly honest i have always used cotton pads. I WILL NEVER GO BACK! Removed my mascara so easily with just water and without having to scrub and make my face sore. So i'm looking forward to applying my make up again after lockdown! I also used it more firmly to exfoliate my face and it has left is feeling refreshed! So glad i managed to get my hands on these and as ever, your soaps are AMAZING - they fill the nag with a gorgeous aroma. Love, love, love what you do! - Amy Stalder

Absolutely gorgeous soap! I got the lavender and it has a beautiful smell and smooth texture. Lathered up really nicely as well. I actually even used this one my legs to shave them and it made them so smooth!! Lush products and can't wait to try some more. - Melissa Evans

I was given some for Christmas and I love it. It leaves a wonderful subtle smell and does not dry your skin out. My skin is very temperamental but I had no adverse reaction, so perfect for sensitive skin. I will most definitely order more. - Leah Ford

The soap is lovely and leaves your skin so soft. The natural perfume is amazing. Yes please for Christmas. - Jacqui Adams

I’ve never been a fan of soap always preferred hand wash but I am a convert to this soap. I already washed my hands loads of times a day and now I have a newborn I wash them even more. My hands would dry out so easily with hand wash and other leading brand names but after trialling Naturgenix soap my hands are honestly not dry any more, plus it smells amazing! I’m using the spiced apple pie sample, it’s just so good I’m going to have to buy a full bar. My husband always used soap but has said how this is the best soap he’s used. - Kathryn Ford

I love it and will not be using anything else from now on. - Stuart Randall

I bought a vanilla bar made with essential oils today at the Launton Artisan Food Market. I don’t usually go for bars of soap but I looove it! I’ve already used it a few times today and not only does it smell amazing but it instantly left my hands feeling softer and fresh! I have very dry skin and was pleasantly surprised at how soft my hands were, immediately! I also bought a gorgeous soap dish and a free sample of coconut soap which I can’t wait to use! Very lovely and friendly customer service. Will definitely be buying again! - Paris Walker

Just got some amazing Christmas goodies from this lady. Her soaps smell good enough to eat so I got myself a few presents too!! Will definitely be getting some more!! - Emma Ellery

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway - getting to try 5 samples and a large bar of my choosing. I'm not usually a soap fan (more hand and shower gels). But I'm obsessed with Naturgenix products. This is the only soap I will use on my face as I found others would dry my skin out, which this one definitely doesn't. Also they all smell incredible! Once I've used my samples up I will definitely be ordering more. Such great value for money. - Stacey Louise

So I used the Spiced Apple Pie soap this morning! I unwrapped it last night and when I walked into the bathroom this morning it’s all I could smell! Smelt amazing using it and didn’t leave me with that squeaky feeling some soaps do! LUSH!! - Lizzie Astley-Hill

Just used your Cocoa Spice soap and I’m absolutely in love! Lathered up so quick and smelt amazing! 10/10 from me! Also I used it on my underarms as I had some irritated skin from shaving and the soap soothed it, so I’m super happy! - Lauren Hawtin

Just used the Spiced Apple Pie soap and it smells AMAZING!! It’s made my skin super soft too and I can still smell the scent on my skin and all around my bathroom and room. I love it! - Tasha Ahmed

Really gorgeous soap with lovely fragrance.. not overpowering and leaves skin lovely and soft. Huge bar as well so great value for money! - Amy Mahoney